Dominate on race day with revolutionary carbon technology.

The Arena Women’s Carbon Fullsleeve Tri Wetsuit combines two highly advanced materials for incredible buoyancy, core stability and optimal swim position.

Its easy-to-grab reverse back zipper ensures you lose no time in transition.

    Buy This Wetsuit If:

        You want a fast and flexible wetsuit designed to help improve body position.

    Neoprene Composition

        Arms/Shoulders: 1.5mm.
        Chest: 4.5mm.
        Back/Legs: 3mm.


        Women’s full-sleeve triathlon wetsuit.
        85% Neoprene, 15% Nylon.
        Super thin and stretchy neoprene across the shoulders and in arms provides maximum freedom of movement.
        Yamamoto Aerodome neoprene provides advanced buoyancy.
        Internal surface laminated with Arena Carbon Cage fabric for unparalleled core stability.
        Evenly distributed buoyancy keeps a level body position in the water.
        Reverse zipper for a quick exit.

    Sizing & Fit

        Buoyant, flexible fit.
        Sizes for heights 5’3”-5’9”.