10 Things You Should Know about the MCAT & Medical School

(1) Only about one in three applicants to medical school actually are accepted. Entering class, 46,968 applicants vied for about 16,000 spots.

(2) Your MCAT score and GPA are the two most important elements of your medical school application.
(3) The mean GPA matriculated applicants to medical school was 3.54.
(4) Some medical schools consider all of your MCAT scores separately, while others add them together.
(5) According to the AAMC, average MCAT scores matriculated applicants were 9.6, 9.9, P, 10.0 (Verbal Reasoning, Physical Sciences, Writing Sample, Biological Sciences).
(6) Applicants to medical school submitted an average of 12-13 applications each.
(7) AMCAS applications are first accepted on June 1. Submit your application as soon after that deadline as possible.
(8) The MCAT tests science knowledge as well as critical reasoning/thinking skills by disguising basic science principles in complex passages.
(9) There is no penalty for an incorrect answer on the MCAT. Students earn points for each correct answer choice.

(10) The deadline to register for the August  MCAT is July.